Monday, 1 November 2010

"Halloween Party" 31 October 2010

This year has gone so fast , soon it will be Christmas.

I do social events at my Eikaiwa Studio every week and here are some photos
from my Halloween Party

22 People came to the Party .It was a good chance to practice English, eat
and have a fun evening

There was a very "interesting" mix of costumes.

The lady 3rd from the left won our best costume prize.
She won a bottle of Wine and some chocolates.

My wife and Ryan the Giant Pumpkin Man ? I don't know exactly
what his costume was but it was great.

Sneaky Paparazzi (Italian word for photojournalists)

I want to thank everybody who helped make the evening a good one.
Miki Knight Manami Kakimoto , Hidemi Igari and Nami Ishikawa.Without your help
the night would not have been possible.

I plan to hold costume Parties once a month because everybody had such a great time.
November is difficult as I can't think of a theme.

If anybody in Osaka wants to practice English , study English or meet new people you
should check out We have weekly events,Cafe lessons
and Eikaiwa lessons in Minami Settsu Osaka.

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