Saturday, 29 May 2010

Funny Photo's #1 Interesting Envelope 面白い封筒

Hello again.

Today I will show you a funny photo.

Japan has many examples of mistaken English,

some of them can be very confusing.

Japanese English is often called "Engrish"
because R and L is difficult for Japanese.

Don't worry English countries also mistake
Kanji ,hiragana and katakana. Some people have tattoo's ,bags,clothes with Japanese printing.
Some meanings can be very terrible.

Today's "Engrish" photo is an envelope(封筒)

What does it mean?

1. 私は誰よりも 『まじめ』 な感じ。
2. 私は誰よりも 『一直線』 な感じ。 ← 私自身の体が真っ直ぐ
3. 私は誰よりも 『異性愛 (ヘテロ)』 な感じ。 ← ゲイではない

Here is an example my partner found in New Zealand.

A New Zealand girl was wearing a T shirt with a picture of a Geisha and in Kanji it said "Miso Soup" (味噌汁)


If you have some interesting photos send them to me please.

大募集! あなたの周りで『変な英語』を発見したら、メールにて写真を添付して下さい。ブログにて面白く解析&ご紹介していきたいと思います。


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