Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Coffee , cake and English conversation at "Cafe Sheep"

I hope everybody has been enjoying the Sakura (Cherry) Blossoms.
I recently went to Nara to show my friends the Cherry Blossoms near the "Daibutsu"
I want to announce we are now offering Cafe lessons from Settsu City"Cafe Sheep."
They have delicious cakes and food all made there by the talented and lovely owner.

We have a special price to offer all Step-Learning students.
Coffee and cake set  Regular price is 650 yen
but for Step Learning students the price is 500 yen!
Coffee /drinks regular price is 390 yen
but for Step learning students the price is 350 yen!
The cakes and coffee are both delicious.
Cafe Sheep also has a great menu offering many other delicious items and a relaxing atmosphere with a sheep themed dining room.
I will be adding details to the Step learning homepage soon.
If you would like a Cafe lesson use the booking form .
Adult Cafe English Lessons are 2500 yen for one hour.
Trial Lesson is Free.